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It was Christmas eve and snowflakes fell softly, drifting down from the black, winter night sky.  The street light illuminating each individual flake, also causing the thick blankets of snow, still untouched, unmarked, to glimmer ever so slightly.  Laying in your cozy bed, you watched this for a while peacefully till suddenly your cellphone vibrated from the desk beside you.  You reached out an arm tiredly, snatching it in one fluid movement and, ignoring the contact name, opened your new message.

It's cold.

You giggled to yourself, rolling your eyes and immediately replying.

Well no dip. What can I say? That's what you get for asking Alfred to fix your furnace!

Your reply came quickly.

Ugh that git! Don't even know what I was thinking when I asked him! That's what I get for trying to save money...

Sighing, you rolled onto your other side.  As the guilt began to settle in, you typed up a short message and stared at it nervously.  Before you could possibly regret it, you hit "send" and slammed the phone down onto the pillow beside you; covering your face with the blanket and feeling your face heat quickly.  You lay there for what feels like eternity until you hear plastic back of your cellphone shake the fabric.  A new message.  You lay there for a moment before rereading what you had sent in the first place.

If it's really that bad, you could always just stay here!  Besides, it's snowing and frigid outside and, with only that old quilt from your mum on, you'll end up sick for Christmas!  Now suck it up and get your British butt over here!

Next, you read your new message.

.....on my way

You stared at if for a moment in shock.  Usually he was for too much of a "gentleman" to ever agree to something like this.  You shrugged it off and hopped off your bed and ran to the bathroom.  Opening up the cabinet, you grabbed a brush and began running it through your hair, smoothing it and humming Mariah Carrey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".  Once you finished, you stared in the mirror for a moment, admiring how your (h/c) locks fell until you heard the doorbell. Throwing one more glance toward the mirror, you sprinted through the hall and down the stairs, throwing the door open to find a frowning Brit, holding a pillow under one arm and staring impatiently off to the side.  You grinned, immediately pulling him into a tight embrace.



You grabbed his hand and pulled him in, leading him into the dim living room, the only light being the multicolored bulbs of the tree. You jumped onto the couch, pulling your legs up to your chest and watching Arthur as he placed his pillow off to the side and sat neatly beside you, crossing his ankles and staring over at the tree.  You laughed and stretched tiredly.

"Oh how fun!  A slumber party!"

His head darted toward you, a light red dusting his cheeks.

"Sh-shut up!  It's not a "slumber party"!  I'm simply staying the night!  That's all..."  He trailed off, head turning back to the tree, expression unreadable.  You let out a small yawn and sat strait up.  "I think I'll head off to bed now~" As you began to stand, you felt a warm hand reach out and grab your wrist firmly.  Your gaze shot down to your wrist, then up his arm, and eventually landed on his pale face, a deep crimson covering his cheeks and the tip of his nose, weather it be from the cold or not you were unsure.  

"Please stay, ___." His voice was soft as he stared up into your eyes, and lips set into a light pout.  Returning back to your spot on the couch and smiling sweetly at him you let out a soft giggle.  "I could never say no to you."  The red in his face grew deeper as he looked away, almost as though avoiding your gaze, his hand having lowered to lightly grasp yours.  The two of you sat there in a peaceful silence before his voice interrupted, in a whisper.  


You glanced back at him silently.

He squeezed your hand and turned toward you, the red now having consumed his face as he quickly leans in, pressing his lips softly to yours.  He stayed there for a moment before attempting to pull back in retreat, however you simply wouldn't accept this.  You moved your hand to the back of his neck and pulled yourself closer, kissing back sweetly as you allow your eyes to flutter closed.  His arms wrap around you as he pulls away from the kiss, burying his face in the crook of your neck.  "P-please stay with me tonight."  Cuddling in closer and allowing your arms to wrap around him in return, you giggled once more.  "I could never say no to you."

"Merry Christmas, love."

"Merry Christmas."
okay, so it's been just SOOO LONG since i put ANYTHING UP so I did this!
Just now!
Ahahahaha :iconmegaderpplz:

Oh god, I'm fairly sure I totally screwed this up... Sorry about my England~

Anyway, I have just SOOO many requests to do still, and multiple series I've been working on, so this is.... know what? I don't even know ._.


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I-it's so fluffy...I don't know what to even do brain just died from the fluffy-ness... *sits on chair, staring at screen* ...
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that wasn't supposed to turn out like that ._. I haven't used deviantart in a while I mean :iconsocuteplz:
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Oh hey so I just saw this
And the way it's written is so Caroline-esque I don't even know
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